What happens in a Hearing Test

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What actually happens in a Hearing Test?

There are many issues that can be the cause of hearing impairment and hearing tests are designed to identify these issues. Once a hearing loss has been identified then a treatment will be determined based on what has been diagnosed.

The key stages of getting hearing loss treated successfully are…

Your Hearing Case History

You will be asked to identify any symptoms that you might have noticed, such as hearing difficulties in certain situations, how long it has been happening, whether you are feeling dizzy and so on. This will help the audiologist to make an initial assessment based on symptoms, which will lead him to carry out certain tests.

Audiological Assessment

This will scientifically establish whether or not there is a hearing loss; if it is temporary or permanent; what type of loss there is; and the level of the hearing loss. The assessment is not painful or invasive and involves both audio and visual assessment from the audiologist.

Further Tests

There are other types of tests that can be carried out depending on the symptoms and the individual in question, which are normally conducted in a hospital or a clinic. For example an Auditory Brainstem Response is used for babies (and other people that cannot give feedback on what they are hearing), which involves non-invasive electrodes being placed on the head to measure the brain’s responses. An oto-acoustic emissions exam measures whether the hairs on the cochlea are functioning correctly; while a balance assessment is used to diagnose problems with dizziness and nausea.

A hearing test is a painless and hassle-free procedure that may end up identifying long term problems with your hearing so if you think that you might need a test then use our Local Specialist Search Form to find a specialist in your area OR Contact us directly to find out more

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