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All our Hearing Tests are absolutely FREE and we offer a ‘Try before you buy’ service, which means you can make sure you are entirely happy with your hearing Aid before you spend any money!

We also travel to your home, so we can see what environment you are living in and can take this into consideration when recommending a Hearing Aid.

We are independent from manufacturers, which means that our Audiologists only recommend a hearing aid model and make that is right for YOU.

Unfortunately this means we cannot give you a quote, as every customer has different requirements, BUT to give you an idea, hearing aids start from around £499

So, call us now or complete an online form, to arrange a no obligation FREE Hearing Test, so we can then give you an accurate price for your hearing aids

Why Are We The Best?

We will come to your home, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience but with the same degree of quality and professionalism.
Try any of our hearing aids before you buy to make sure you receive the hearing aid perfect for your specific requirements.
We are brand independent and can supply over 1000 models, meaning that we are able to supply you with the most state-of-the-art hearing aids.
We operate at the highest standards and have a wealth of experience, bringing expertise you can trust to your door.
We supply lifetime aftercare with all of our hearing aids, with regular evaluation of you aural health also freely included.
Operating for almost 100 years we have consistently stayed up-to-date and at the top of our field.

Support and Aftercare

When we fit your hearing aids, our Aftercare Service ensures you continue to get the maximum benefit from hearing aid

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