Receiver in the ear (RIC)

A Receiver in the Ear Canal Hearing Aid, is also known as Canal Receiver Technology (CRT), where the receiver is positioned in the ear canal with a miniature device fitted behind the ear.

A Receiver in the Ear Canal Hearing Aid can provide a wireless solution with the ability to connect with a large number of assitive wireless accessories, for example transmitting the sound from a television or mobile phone wirelessly to the hearing aid.

This hearing aid is for mild to severe hearing loss and has different performance and power levels of receiver including a noise generator for tinnitus management.

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Behind The Ear

Housed in a small curved case that fits discreetly behind the ear, these hearing aids are connected via a clear, thin tube to an ear mould that’s made to your ear shape for a perfect fit.

In The Ear

digitalIn-the-ear aids are contained in a custom-moulded casing that fits into the ear. Although they are visible within the ear, they are easy to handle and have easy-to-access controls


Lyric Hearing Aid in Position smallLyric hearing aids are completely invisible and the most convenient hearing aid on the market. You can wear Lyric for all your daily activities, including showering, exercising and sleeping.

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