Hearing aids are available in a variety of different shapes, sizes & types. We can help you choose the right hearing aid for your needs.

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Hearing Aids

When considering a hearing aid it’s important that you get the right advice from the start. FC Milnes and Nationwide Hearing Services are brand independent and can supply over 1000 different hearing aid models, ensuring we supply you with the correct model for your particular hearing problem and hearing aid requirements. Our Hearing Aid section provides information about types of hearing aids, different models, fitting and maintenance.

hearing aids

What Type of Hearing Aids are Available?

Hearing Aids are available in a variety of different shapes, sizes & types:

different types

Behind the Ear

In the Ear

In the Ear Canal

Open Fit

Bone Anchored

Other Types

Digital hearing aids are the latest in technology and have a small computer inside them. This computer will process the sound.. Having a small computer in them allows your audiologist to customise the aid to suit your hearing loss perfectly! A digital hearing device can also be cleverly programmed with preset settings. These presets are for different sound environments, for example a quiet room, an auditorium or a busy shop. If you require it, these presets can often be turned on or off using a small remote control (for example a special watch) so that the mode can be changed very discretely. The benefits of digital devices can be:

  • customized to suit your hearing;
  • clearer listening in different environments;
  • your hearing aid is less likely to give feedback (ie whistle);
  • some can identify noise and reduce the amplification required (providing more comfortable usage)